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 "This web site is a tribute to the American Cotton Farmer, the last eight generations of Jemison farmers, the Jemison Family and a special tribute to Lynn Hawkins Jemison co-founder of Jemison Land & Cattle Company."      

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"Woven through the history of civilization is the heritage of cotton.  Mankind mastered this fiber long before the written word.  Archeologists have unearthed six-thousand-year-old weavings. And the Old Testament places cotton in the palaces of Biblical kings.

Three hundred years ago, cotton turned criminal.  Wool traders fought to keep it outlawed in England.  Those who wore it faced heavy fines.  Even the dead were forbidden from being buried in cotton. 

Yet, this ancient plant survived.  And with it, grew the strength of our nation. In 1993, American cotton growers will plant more than thirteen million acres. No crop has made a more lasting impact on history.  Or touched more lives."



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