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La Grange




Homes of La Grange

La Grange is graced by a number of antebellum period homes.  Here are some of the more notable homes and buildings that bear witness to a bygone era.  A summary of the home is provided.  We begin with the Woodlawn home the first house of major significance.


Built 1828 by Major Charles Michie

This home use of Ionic columns make it a stand out among the La Grange homes.  Located on a hill east of town, this vintage home contains nine huge rooms, each with a fireplace and fourteen-foot ceilings.  The large Greek revival porch was added after the main house had already been built.  When it was built by Major Michie he personally check each piece of timber used for the home.  Anything that did not meet his quality standards the timber was not used. Standing since 1828 he picked his timber well. 

Major Michie left the home to his daughter, Mrs. Olive Winston.  

Hillcrest represents an early example of a Swiss chalet architecture.  Built by a Mr. Abbott for his intended bride, it was not to be.  The marriage did not take place and they never lived in the house.  This home has aged well.


Built 1840 by Mr. Abbot

Pickens House

Built in the 1820's 

This is the home where Lucy Holcombe "Pickens", the "Queen of the Confederacy" was born in 1832.

One of its distinctive features is are the elegant fan windows over the front door and upstairs portico balcony.  This home has been restored in recent years.

Tiara's most distinctive architectural feature is the cupola.  This cupola took to the air in the 1900 tornado and sailed for ten miles landing in Hickory Valley.  The cupola was returned and replaced on the roof.  Mr. Cossitt was so impressed by La Grange that he would later move to Illinois and found a new town as an exact replica of La Grange.  La Grange, Illinois even had an Episcopal church named Immanuel. 




Built 1845 by Frank Cossitt

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