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 "This web site is a tribute to the American Cotton Farmer, the last eight generations of Jemison farmers, the Jemison Family and a special tribute to Lynn Hawkins Jemison co-founder of Jemison Land & Cattle Company."      

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The Jemison Family has a long, colorful, and influential impact on the history of America.  This part of the website contains interesting facts about other members in the Jemison family tree.  Each of the people noted here had a positive and extraordinary impact on America. Click on the links to the left to read their stories.

What follows is the genealogy of John W. Jemison.  Who along with is wife,  Lynn H. Jemison, are the current owner's of the Crescent Hill Farm. The last eight generations in this line of Jemison's were successful cotton farmers. 

John W. Jemison is the son of;
John W. Jemison, Sr.
Birth: 10/20/1899  Death: 8/31/1957
Wife     Mattie Mae Kyle
Birth:    4/21/1900  Death: 7/15/1987
Both are buried in Lee County, Mississippi.
John W. Jemison Sr. is the son of;
William Edward  Jemison
Birth: 2/2/1877  Death: 7/22/1954
Wife     Emma C. Moore
Birth:    5/10/1879  Death: 2/27/1910
Both are buried in Chickasaw County Mississippi.
William Edward Jemison is the son of;
William Henry Jemison
Birth: 6/15/1850  Death: 10/14/1877
Wife     Martha Isabella Wilkinson
Birth:    11/14/1851  Death: 11/2/1909
Married in Green County Alabama-both are buried in Amity Cemetery in Chickasaw County, Mississippi.
William Henry Jemison is the son of;
Robert Thomas Jemison
Birth: 3/23/1820  Death: 4/1/1861
Wife     Martha C. Pitts
Birth:    4/1826  Death: 7/1/1852
Robert was born in Georgia, lived in Perry County Alabama, died while visiting his children and is buried in Chickasaw County, Mississippi.   Martha is buried in the Wallace/Jemison Cemetery in Perry County, Alabama.
Robert Thomas Jemison is the son of;
Samuel Jemison
Birth: 8/13/1783  Death: 9/18/1853
Wife     Nancy Jones
Birth:    1787  Death: 11/1861
Both are buried in Perry County, Alabama.
Samuel Jemison is the son of;
Robert Jemison Jr. 
Birth: 1749  Death: 12/17/1799
Wife     Margrett Kirkman
Birth:    2/14/1755  Death: 10/2/1831
Robert was born in Pennsylvania and Margrett was born in Rockbridge County VA.--- they married in 1774 or 1775 and moved to Georgia-both are buried on a farm in the fork where the Turtle and Little River runs into the Savannah, twenty five miles above August, Georgia in Lincoln County.

Robert Jemison Jr. is the son of Robert and Sarah Jemison who emigrated from Northern Ireland in 1730 to Pennsylvania and settled on a farm within sight of Philadelphia. After the Revolution War they joined two of there sons Thomas and David in North Carolina. Sarah lived to the age of 98 and Robert died at the age of 100. Both are buried in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. They married in Ireland before they immigrated.

In 1691 King James II allowed the lowlanders in Southern Scotland to immigrate into Northern Ireland. They cleared the land and made it the most productive farm land in all of Europe. The Jemison Family were part of that migration.  In Ballybay, Monaghan County, in Northern Ireland there is a Presbyterian Church founded in 1691 and the Jemison name appears as charter member.

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