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 "This web site is a tribute to the American Cotton Farmer, the last eight generations of Jemison cotton farmers, the Jemison Family and a special tribute to Lynn Hawkins Jemison co-owner of Jemison Land & Cattle Company."      

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Jemison History

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Mary Jemison

Mary Jemison

"The White Woman of Genesee"

Oil Portrait
by Edmund Magrath

This portrait in oils was painted in 1960 by Edmund Magrath, a well known portrait painter from New York City. Using the statue on her tombstone as a model, and the Middle Falls at Letchworth Park as a background, the portrait shows Mary as she looked at nineteen with her first born son, Thomas named after her Father, when she first came to the Genesee Country in 1763. She was captured by the Indians in 1758.

The picture hangs in the Historical House in Castile, New York which sits on land once owned by Mary. There has been hundreds of book written about life. The account of her life with the Seneca's Indians---as told to upstate New York Doctor James Everett Seaver in 1824--has gone through countless editions, reprints, and retellings before the creation of the definitive edition by feminist scholar of ethnicity, June Namias, Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison, printed by the University of Oklahoma Press.

June Namias received her doctorate in the History of American Civilization from Brandeis University and has taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Wheaton College. More to come about the life of this remarkable Women.

Mary Jemison's father was Thomas Jemison the brother to Robert Jemison the 6th generation grandfather
to John W Jemison. Robert his wife Sarah and family emigrated from Northern
Ireland in 1730 to Pennsylvania and settled on a farm within sight of Philadelphia.



Statue of Mary Jemison

"The White Woman of Genesee"

Letchworth Park, New York



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