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 "This web site is a tribute to the American Cotton Farmer, the last eight generations of Jemison farmers, the Jemison Family and a special tribute to Lynn Hawkins Jemison co-founder of Jemison Land & Cattle Company."      

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Jemison Farm
2615 La Grange Road , Somerville Tennessee
Constructed 1888 - 1890

Jemison Farm, formerly known as Crescent Hill Farm, was the ancestral home of the Wilkinson family. The farm is located four miles south of Somerville on the LaGrange Road.   The residence, a two-story frame building, was started in 1888 and completed in 1890.  Dr. William B. Wilkinson and his bride, who was Miss Margaretta Leititia Locke of LaGrange, bought the original acreage in 1859 and lived there during the Civil War.  They reared a rather large family consisting of two daughters, Mrs. Howell Taylor and Mrs. W. H. Wilson, and four sons: Wyatt, Robert, Charles, and Whit Wilkinson.  in addition, five children died in infancy.

 This residence, which has five bed-rooms,   living rooms, family room, dining room, kitchen, office and two bathrooms, was constructed of the very best material available at that time.  The sills, joists, studs, and all dimension material was sawed from long-leaf pine cut near Athens, Alabama.  The weather-boarding, doors, molding, trim, etc....were cut from yellow poplar growing the mountains of North Carolina.  All the material was shipped to Williston, via the Southern Railway.  It was unloaded there and hauled by ox wagons to the building site. 

                    Jemison Farm House

The carpentry  work and brick work was contracted to Mr. Harry Maddox for a total consideration of $2,500.  Originally the home was heated by fireplaces but is now heated by gas and electricity.  Cooling in the summer has never presented a a serious problem because of the hight ceiling and large windows.  A large screened-in-porch adds much comfort to the home during the summer months, although  air-conditioning has been installed.

The Jemison Farm property, previously known as the "Crescent Hill Farm" was purchased on September 24, 1987 by John W Jemison and Lynn H Jemison (Trustors) for the primary benefit and purpose of providing a residence for their son, James Robert Jemison, who suffers from cerebral palsy. The Trustors transferred and delivered, The Jemison Farm Property,  to the James Robert Jemison Trust, an Irrevocable Trust, on the 21st day of on August, 1992.


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